Walk On By (And Never Stop) – Principal Melody/Harmony Lines


WALK ON BY (AND NEVER STOP) – Final drafts

Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1: I lean by my window, I do it every day. See people walk down the street by somenone’s call. They go from the west to the arch of the rusted subway. And noone (ever) returns, not even when the night falls.

Bridge: An old man,’ think it was the old Cody, Cody man. He knows all the answers by the heart. He had many  thousands of  fans. And he says now ’cause he is so smart. ‘For our love. We must go on. For our love (children). We must never stop.’

Refrain: Walk on by, And never stop. Walk on by, And never stop. (Find love. Find love.)

Verse 2: Baladeers came from the storm. Like the ghost sailing to the Moon. The faces into the world were thrown.  You may get down there very soon.

Opt: Walking down the street is all they do. And every morning they do it anew.

Bridge: They have no hope, no, even not a dream. Yet the oldman whom noone sees, and all read of  in many a book. Keeps saying to all the people who, oh so so softly scream.’ Change your direction and be proud of the way you took’.

Refrain : Repeat

Optional (Opt.):

Verse 3:  Heartaches flow, people turn to stone. Every man carries a church from within. Cards of solitaire rust at home. Nothing  now seems to be real. It’s like a nightmare, not a dream .


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