The Storm A-Comin’ – Principal Melody/Harmony Lines


THE STORM A-COMIN’  –   Final draft!

Lyrics and Music: Ivan Gatsby – Isaac Lauren

Verse 1: Now,the last heroes open the door. Of a saloon on the long and winding road. For so long having been closed. And for so long being gone. Every ghost having come  there. They are  still comin’  so alone. In the world they hardly knew. There is nowhere (else) they can go to. Recalling the times they knew so good. And all the the chords they understood

Bridge: Find a way. A place to hide. Find the way. When the wind blows. Stand up again (keep your pride). Against the storm that’s a- comin’

Refrain:  Are there any reasons to live any more. Are there any reason to be so sour. Is there anything we can do. For our country and My Lord, for you.

Verse 2:  The saloon’s been closed for so long. ‘The myth is over’, the barman just said. Now and then we we can only hear a song. Wyatt and Doc have been long dead. Life here is not kind, you may return home. After the storm is gone.

Bridge:  Mark you way. As they are riding in the rain. Find your way through. If you wanna meet them all again. The storm is a-comin’. An’ their faith is due.

Refrain: Repeat

Verse 3:  A farmer says, ‘The wind’s turning wild’. ‘We’ve used to be good people’. An’ used to work hard’. We have done it for our wife and child. We just pulled out the wrong card. No there is no mirror and heaven. Don’t understand why there is much fuss. No secrets of number seven. Just the storm a-comin’ to us.


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