The Perfect Nobodies – Principal Melody/Harmony Lines



Words and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse: We’ve been (the) Perfect Nobodies. The politicians always play with. And whom noone ever sees. Yet we’ve changed the world from behind. Using our hands . And by the force of our mind. When the night is gone. Comes the end of a tale. There is noone else we can lie to. As dawn breaks. And our faces look so pale. With amibitions ruined. It’s time to face the truth.

Bridge: We’ve never stolen any money. From a man or a state. All the time it must’ve been funny. Now we find it out, now when it is too late

Bridge 2: There is noone in us to save. Noone will ever cry at our graves.

Refrain: There are no headlines. And there are no stories. No gossips or lines. No joys or worries. No melody or just a simple beat. About us. The people from underneath. We are the Perfect Nobodies

Verse 3: The midnight has been passing by. It’s snowing now but it’ll all soon be dry. People wander, stepping out from the dark. Witho no idea of tomorrow. Or any new Arc

Bridge: They watch shows and TV news. They vote shut down in their blues.

Refrain:  Yet we are the Perfect Nobodies. Perfect Nobodies for all times. We are the Perfect Nobodies. Living our life between the lines.


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