DAta!DAta!: Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic – Principal Melody/Harmony Lines



Written and composed by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren©2006


Kiss me…Kiss me

ROBOT CHOIR: Kiss me kiss me  automatic…Kiss me kiss me it’s so chic

Kiss me kiss me  automatic…Kiss me kiss me it’s so chic

HUMAN-LIKE VOICE: Nicole, I like you so  /  Nicole  I need you so

ROBOT 2: But she said

NICOLE:Take a flight tonightOoooooooo / Take a flight tonight

ROBOT 2: She said

NICOLE:Take a flight tonightOoooooooo / Take a flight tonight

ROBOT 1:Brothers, we should help our master / Before his mind falls apart                                                                        

ROBOT 2:This night we’ve got  the mission / Of saving  his sacred heart                                                                                                         

REFRAIN:ROBOT CHOIR:Kiss me kiss me automatic…Kiss me Kiss me it’s so chic / Kiss me kiss me automatic…Kiss me Kiss me it’s so chic

HUMAN-LIKE VOICE: People…Getting more and more lunatic.   

ROBOT VOICES:Kiss me kiss me automatic…Kiss me Kiss me it’s so chic

ROBOT 1:The issue is, we will repair the past / As our master is lying on his bed                                        ROBOT VOICE 2:I’ve checked all the mails he’s never sent  /Telling us what’s going on in his head.                                    

NICOLE:Fly back tonight Oooooooo / Fly back tonight

ROBOT 2:She would  say

NICOLE:Fly back tonight Oooooooo / Fly back tonight

ROBOT 1:We’ll get Nicole close to him 

ROBOT 2:And fix his broken heart again                                

GAY ROBOT:Nicole, enter our machine / Oh, stay there, enjoy your moments of fame                                                                  

REFRAIN (repeat)



The Background: This song, an infallible brief  and content-rich bubblegum saga (yet, sugarfree and rather noir!), belonging to the media genre which is generally void of any (common) sense whatsoever, commences a new subgenre of all-public pleasing music, defined as TABLOID TECHNO POP.Decades strong Bubblegum mega hits, such as ‘Sugar Sugar’, ‘Yummy Yummy (or something rogering that)’, ‘Smoke on the Water’ etc., owe their immense popularity due to the acute reduction of the meaning, and any deeper messages or revelations rising therefrom,  respectively.‘Kiss Me Automatic..’ is therefore a fashion of hommage to the electro style of music, including the celebrities like Kraftwerk, Brit Electro Pop duets of the80, and particurarly to the (grand)father of devastatingly-appealing techno/electro tunes, Ivan Gatsby, who had composed, supported by his associate at the time, David Stone,  a hugely overlooked tune ‘I Am a Computer. You are a Machine’ (1969) or in original robotique language ‘Ja sam kompjuter. Ti si masina. Imat cemo velikog sina’, which had in its own way foretold the age of samples, vocoders, simplified harmonies and melodies…‘Kiss Me Automatic…’ has inherited some basic features from ‘I Am a Computer…’. Hence it is a step back into the future. Kiss Me Automatic…, initially projected as an 8-minute album saga about the desperate young net surfer  trying to communicate his love to a girl (Nicole), and the robots (androids) powered by  the organic software wirelessly connected to the PC,  attempting to help the young man to fullfil  his emotional load, has gotten  limited to appx. 3- minute instant hit.The song plot, featuring  the robots all over the world getting together by network with the  aim of finding formula how to help the young man who wrote the mails in vain because he did not even dare send them to his beloved girl Nicole, has been minimised into the short scale en face action.A young boy or a man, which is irelevant, from ‘I Am A Computer. You are a Machine’ is still helplessly and silently in love with Nicole who doesn’t credit his heartbeats too intensively. The computers and robots have found out that night (although some of the robots even at this very stage are self reproducing entities)  that love problems should be overcome by the magic (e)motion- kissing.  The robots, filled up by the information from the net and their own defaults in effect, enter the night transmitting the feelings of the young man to Nicole, who appears to be despising the young man. (Therefore: Take a flight tonight…).The robots occur to be persuasive and Nicole is somehow subject to the magic and glamour of the kisses (Therefore the modication of her attitude : Fly back tonight…).The robots, not fully convinced in the feasibility of their performance, and charged with the variables of the set values, release their comments, too (Hence: People… Getting more and more lunatic, etc.).The song, despite belonging to the  lightweight cathegory of one-off hits, challenges you as a Noir song, utilising the very finest of the techno pop/electro pop manners relating to the structure of melodies and harmonies (’Kiss Me Automatic..’ boasts of 5+1 in total!!!), as well as the  acute shortage of any optimism you would expect in such issues  as  a default.‘Kiss Me Automatic…It’s so Chic’ is  a global radio/chart TOP 20 par excellance hit, no dispute thereabout.The songs following it, to be comprised on the opening album ‘One Forever After’, shall find a niche  public to DAta!DAta!, in vitro project band, who not rarely explore the platform of dadaism, and implement it into the music whenever seductively possible.WHY THERE IS NO VIDEO TO ‘KISS ME AUTOMATIC..’ I CAN’T FIGURE OUT THE SONG WITHOUT A BLOODY VIDEO! I WANT A VIDEO!Oh yes, there are two video-clips in making to the song, yet we strongly beleive that the young population should train their brains to interpret the songs and visualise them by their own optics. Experiencing songs, books, films et. within the fra,meworek of individual circumstancials compliments  the intelect, and advances the mind. Thi is not valid for hip hop, (c)rap and other non-white audio articulations, for there is no intelect to be engaged  thereby. What can you fancy when you hear, ‘I am a  mothaf— nigga…/ I wanna kill  ‘n’ fight/ I wanna f… the chicks every night/ I wanna sell pills’?‘Kiss Me Automatic…’ should be regarded a  a medicine for the very young people because they get audio cake  void of  sugar, and bearing  extremely civilised taste for the low-form genres as electro/ techno pop are. WHY DOES  IT COME TO BE:  TABLOID TECHNO POP?Tabloid!Ivan Gatsby has been one of the pioneers in the explosive tabloid commercial and investigative journalism, the editor who set apart communistic regime and a state alike at the heart of Europe in 1990. He  has started graphical redesign of mediascape introducing dynamic tabloid-like patterns into the press and electronic media. Gatsby and his associates redefined the role of the media into a remarkable seductive voice of public conscience, selling thereby the weekly he created and edited in hundred of thousands copies in  arelatively small market.Tabloid paramethers are generated by the songs themselves, thus sparing the listener of DAta!DAta!’s debut audio effort ‘One Forever After’ empty  cliches, both lyric-/and melody-wise, generally  masking the lack of talent, and propelling new enthusiasm into a marginal genre. DAta!DAta! strike you with power, to be wholly experienced  while listening to ‘One Forever after (expected out on November 14,2006) . The album, currently in the recording phase,  is still presumed to be avalaible solely as an e-edition(e-njoy! Edition), with a pile of bonuses  attached thereto, just like any Gatsby & Lauren Global’s releases  to follow.  

Despite falling into bubblegum area, the song Kiss Me Automatic… hits the air just as the first-class tabloid front page would:  no breaks, attractive melodies and harmonies interweaving, leaving you breathless


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