Anywhere You Seem – Principal Melody/Harmony lines



Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1:  ‘All for One’ was our dream. United heroes on the scene. Dancing away anywhere you seemed. As we were stumbling in. None of us was wrong that night. (As) Long as I could see the light. Diamonds are forever, I know. Double feature and the Picture Show.

Refrain Can you hear me crying ? Can you hear me crying out? We are sealed under, under the cloud. And I am gonna dream for everyone. Anywhere you seem. In the wind.

Verse 2:  You’ve got a friend, you always knew. Guitar Man was always meant for you. Wind of Change was then somehow true. To a man, coming Out of Blue. More Than a Feeling was the rhyme. Of souls lost in the bridge of time. Waking up is so hard to do. And this song is only for you.

Refrain: Repeat


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