A Town with No Name – Principal Melody/Harmony Lines


A TOWN WITH NO NAME  – Final draft!

Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1: Life was so hard to live. No time to go and dreamweave. Just the work. In a town, a town with no name. No talk of wealth or a fame. Tamed by the duties, we had to do. I wished on a star, and I wished only for you. Far away, far away from any road. Wanted to flee out, just couldn’t dig the code.

Refrain: Tell me,why are you so good now? Tell me, by the sound of our crow. How long, shall we live in a town with no name

Verse 2: The pockets empty, we had to try. We waited, and none of us ever cried. It was shame. We just got rusted. Wrapped up, with the load of our lies.

Refrain: Repeat

Verse 3: Locked down, in our valley. Shadows on, we climbed the tree. Maybe out, out there in the world. It would be better. If only we could find the road.



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