Confessions of a Traveller – Principal Melody/Harmony Lines



Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

(‘It’s so dark, darker than ever before’We are all now, turning into a dot.comAnd men try to call me, by the means of cellular phone.)

Verse 1: For thousands years, I’ve been watching history. The private lives and the faith of Jews (world’s views). I followed every soul,’n’ tried to make them see. Blinded by (the) Dark Ages, and now by the Breaking news.

Refrain: With angels I’ve travelled for so long. Thru the play people tried to create.Taken by the weather now.It seems I’ve come down too late.The galleys awaiting by the shore. Of the knights you never to pray for.

Verse 2: I was away for too long. People have done so many things wrong. How long will it take, before you’ll understand. That the Captain lost his way. But he will come back from the sand.

Verse 2a: My Father let them grow, and tried to make them free. Yet I do feel wars, and a lack of any prays. Some prophets came here long after me. Causing the Earth’s last days.

Refrain: Repeat

Verse 3: I watched many a loser, and many a TV show. Joys of gay boys, and listened to the radio.I saw many a cowboy, and I liked them quite a lot. Not a crazy English king, murdering all of his wives. Getting my church out, to save his own plot.

Refrain: Repeat


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